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Profile of a Graduate

Cardinal Ritter High School educates our students with a strong foundation for life and has high expectations for their success. The profile of a Cardinal Ritter graduate represents the qualities we believe every Cardinal Ritter student should strive to achieve:

Cardinal Ritter graduates are persons who are prepared to succeed in a global environment, because they:
• Utilize critical thinking and can work in teams to solve problems.
• Are proficient in using technology as a tool to communicate, process, and report information.
• Are engaged as life-long learners, and through their study of social sciences, math, science, world languages, and fine arts, have gained an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity found in art, theatre, and music.

Cardinal Ritter graduates are persons who have respect for themselves and others because they:
• Demonstrate an acceptance of others in their variances of culture and beliefs.
• Are self-confident, polite, and appropriate in social settings.
• Are eager to contribute to society.

Cardinal Ritter graduates are persons who actively make appropriate wellness choices because they:
• Understand their emotional and physical fitness as well as the financial benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
• Are appropriately groomed to reflect their dignity as human beings.

Cardinal Ritter graduates are persons who practice their faith openly, enthusiastically, and proudly because they:
• Have developed an understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church.
• Have developed a prayerful life and participate in their parish or church.
• Are inspired to live a life of service modeled on the life of Christ.


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