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By-Laws of the Board of Directors

Cardinal Ritter High School

Alumni Association

Revised January 27, 2017

Article I.  Membership, Selection, Term

Section 1.  Membership

1.             All graduates and former students who were once enrolled at Cardinal Ritter High School shall automatically hold full membership in this Association. Former students are those who attended the School for at least one full year.

2.             Honorary membership in the Alumni association shall be reserved solely for those whose interest and service make such a membership significant. These memberships shall be voted on by the Alumni Association Board at its regular meeting. Honorary members shall have the full privileges of regular members.

Article II. Board of Directors

Section 2. Selection

1.             Board members and Officers of the Alumni Association must be a member of the association.

A)            Board members must be nominated and then approved by members present at the annual meeting           

B)            The CRHS Advancement Office shall print the annual slate on a form that Alumni may use to voice possible candidates to be considered for the slate by the Nominating Committee.

C)            The Nominating Committee shall review the names submitted by the Alumni, as well as suggestions from the Director of Alumni Relations and the Board to            select a slate of four (4) Alumni whose names shall be presented to the Board for final approval

                1. When selecting these four (4) nominees, the committee and Board shall give attention to equity among classes and age levels.   

D)            The slate of (4) nominees will be arranged alphabetically by category on the ballot with a biographical sketch, picture and the consent of the nominees. The                 Alumni shall be asked to vote approval or non-approval of the slate of candidates.

E)            The ballot listing the slate of four (4) board nominees selected and approved by the current Board shall be mailed out annually to the membership.

F).           The Director of Alumni and Corporate Relations of Cardinal Ritter High School shall be an ex-officio member of the board of directors of the Alumni Association.

Section 3. Terms of Officers

1.             Officers of the Alumni Association shall be elected from the Alumni Association Board at the annual meeting.

2.             Elected from the Alumni Association Board shall be a president and vice-president, secretary, and treasurer presented as nominees by the Nominating Committee.

                A)            Nominees from the floor will be accepted at the annual meeting.  A vote shall be taken for each of the three offices. All Board members are eligible for election. A simple plurality of those present will decide the election.

3.             The term of office for an officer, except for the president, of the Alumni Association will be one year for the office held and the officer may serve three consecutive one year term in that office.

                A)            Term of Office for the President of the Alumni Association

                1.             The president of the alumni association shall be elected to a term of two years. After consulting with the Director of Alumni and Corporate Relations and the President of Cardinal Ritter High School the president will be eligible to be elected for an additional term of two (2) years or a maximum of four (4) consecutive years.

                2.             The time spent as president shall not count toward the maximum of two consecutive terms of six (6) years and the retiring Association President may continue to serve on the Association Board for an additional period equal to the years served as president.

4.             Officers will begin their terms beginning the first day after the annual meeting and complete their terms of office one year later. The president will complete his/her term of office two years after the annual meeting.      

               A)      In the occasion of a resignation of a board member, the president of the Alumni Association has the authority to appoint an individual to complete the term of the member who is resigning with the approval of a majority of board members present at a scheduled meeting.  

5.             Officers of the board are limited to three (3) terms of (1) year.

              A)            An office may be elected to a higher or lower post than the office one   previously held.

              B)            Any Board member may indicate the desire, prior to voting time, to have one’s   name withdrawn as a candidate for any of all of the officer positions.

ARTICLE III.  Duties of Officers

Section 1. President

1.             President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and at the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association. This officer shall represent the Board and/or the Alumni Association such occasions as invitation and opportunity permit and, in general, act as liaison between Cardinal Ritter and other organizations of affiliated interest or activity.

                A)            The President shall appoint standing committee chairs from the board and receive their reports.

                B)            The President of the association will by virtue of their position become a member of the Cardinal Ritter High School Board of Directors, upon approval of the chair of the CRHS Board of Directors, in consultation with the president of Cardinal Ritter High School

                C)            The President is by the nature of the position, the chair of the executive committee.

 Section 2. Vice President

1.             The Vice-President shall take the President’s place in case of absence and perform such duties as usually attended the office of President.

                A)            The Vice-President is by the nature of the position a member of the executive committee.

Section 3. Secretary

1.             The secretary of the alumni association shall be responsible for the recording of all official business of meetings of the board

                A)            The Secretary is by the nature of the position a member of the executive committee.

Section 4. Treasurer

                1.             The Treasurer of the Alumni Association shall be responsible for the financial reporting of the revenue producing activities of the organization.

                                A)            The treasurer is by nature of the position a member of the executive committee


Section 1. The standing committees of the association will be;

                                A)            An executive committee

                                B)            A nomination committee

                                C)            A special events committee

                                D)            Awards and recognition committee

                                E)            Communications

Section 2. Duties of Committees

1.             The executive committee

                A)            Will be responsible for the development of agendas for quarterly and annual meetings.

                B)            Represent the entire board when making decisions, as needed, between regular meetings

                C)            Create ad-hoc committees for special projects

                D)            Act as a liaison between the Director Advancement or Director of Alumni relations, and President of Cardinal Ritter High School

2.             Nominations Committee

                A)            Provides a process of selection of candidates for board and officer positions that advance the purposes of the Alumni Association

                B)            Presents slate of candidates for approval at the annual meeting of the Alumni Association

3.             Special Events Committee

                A)            Provides for the development, organization, and execution of events that advance the purpose of the Alumni Association

                B)            Actively pursue the additional participation of new alumni to broaden the active participation of the membership of the association.

                C)            Advises and assist the CRHS Advancement Office in the development activities for reunions and other promotional events that allow alumni and students and personnel of the school to interact.

                D)            Develops events in conjunction with the Awards and Recognition Committee that allow for the acknowledgment of alumni who have made significant contributions in their careers, community life, or to the institution of Cardinal Ritter High School.

4.             Communications Committee

                A)            Provides the CRHS Office of Institutional Advancement information about events for publication in appropriate school communication pieces and information for the publication of a bi-annual alumni magazine.

5.             Awards and Recognition Committee

                A)            Provides for the selection of alumni awards and recognition of alumni who have made significant contributions in their career field, community, to the life of Cardinal Ritter High School.  

Section 3. Committee Membership

1.         The chair of a standing committee must be a board member

2.         Committee members may be selected from the association membership.


Section 1. Accounting

1.             Cardinal Ritter High School will financially support the Alumni Association in appropriate ways     related to its specific activities.

2.             Fundraising activities should be reported and deposited into the Alumni Account, to the Director    of Business and Finance of Cardinal Ritter High School within one week of the activity.

Section 2. Fundraising Support

1              The Alumni Association shall encourage participation of its members in the Annual Fund Campaign and in all other Development Programs of Cardinal Ritter as approved by the Alumni Board.     


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