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Algebra I Lab

Algebra I Lab is a mathematics support course for Algebra I.  The course provides students with additional time to build the foundations necessary for high school math courses, while concurrently having access to rigorous, grade-level appropriate courses.  The five critical areas of Algebra I Lab align with the critical areas of Algebra I:  relationships between quantities and reasoning with equations; linear and exponential relationships; descriptive statistics; expressions and equations; and quadratic functions and modeling.  However, whereas Algebra I contains exclusively grade-level content, Algebra I Lab combines standards from high school courses with foundational standards from the middle grades.  This course counts as a mathematics course for the General Diploma only or as an elective for the Core 40 and Core 40 with Academic Honors diplomas.  A student taking Algebra I Lab should also be enrolled in Algebra I during the same academic year. 



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