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AP English Language and Composition

Prerequisites:  B- average in Honors English 11 or A- in English 11.

This course follows College Board Entrance Examination guidelines for Advanced Placement English and engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose and nonfiction written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts.  Students will be provided with opportunities to improve their writing and understanding of American Psychological Association (APA) formatting while working towards the AP Exam, college-level writing, and Senior Project. While the year-long Senior Project Essay takes priority in the course, students will also learn skills for argumentative, synthesis, and rhetorical analysis writing which may range in formality, purpose, and length. Students should expect regular assessments on reading assignments and in-class writing prompts to prepare them for the AP Exam and college-level rigor.  Given the advanced level of this course, students will also be expected to demonstrate full participation in class discussion, as well as responsibility for material by delivering presentations throughout the year. Students will use technological resources in researching, producing papers, and submitting assignments.  Students taking this course are required to take the AP Exam.  Students are also required to complete a year-long Senior Project in conjunction with their Theology class.  *There is a separate summer reading text for this class which is assessed at the beginning of the course*.


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