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French II, Spanish II

Prerequisites:  C- average in French I/Spanish I.

Level II World Language courses build on students’ foundation to further develop strategies and skills in interpreting written and spoken language on familiar topics, exchanging basic information, and presenting on a variety of familiar topics.  Instruction enables students to participate in classroom and extracurricular activities related to the language studied as well as to participate in conversations dealing with daily activities and personal interests. Students are able to ask questions regarding routine activities, participate in conversations on a variety of topics; relate a simple narrative about a personal experience or event, interact in a variety of situations to meet personal needs, such as asking permission, asking for or responding to an offer of help, and expressing preferences pertaining to everyday life. Students strengthen their language proficiency and cultural knowledge by using current digital media and authentic resources.  Instruction is 90% + in the target language as outlined by the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Standards.


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