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French III, Spanish III (Honors)

Prerequisites:  B- average in French II/Spanish II. 

Level III World Language courses are intended for motivated students wishing to acquire the language and further their communicative skills and knowledge of the people, products, and perspectives of the target culture.  Instruction enables students to understand and appreciate other cultures by comparing social behaviors and values of people using the languages being learned. Students are willing to initiate and participate in discussions concerning these cultures and their communities.  In addition, students are able to respond to factual and interpretive questions and interact in a variety of social situations, such as expressing regrets, condolences, and complaints, and using more than rote memory formula phrases, and read for comprehension from a variety of authentic materials.  Students present in speech and writing to inform, persuade, and narrate on a variety of topics. Students are held to a collegiate standard of work and commitment. Students strengthen their language proficiency and cultural knowledge by using current digital media and authentic resources. Instruction is 90% + in the target language as outlined by the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Standards.


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