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Honors Economics

Prerequisite:  B- average in Honors U.S. History or an A- average U.S. History.  

This fast-paced honors course will introduce you to the basics behind micro and macroeconomics. Microeconomics involves the study of economic principles, such as supply & demand, pricing, marketing, business & labor, and personal finance as they relate to the individual and private industry. Macroeconomics involves the study of economic principles such as gross domestic product & growth, taxes & government spending, and international trade as they relate to the economy of the United States and other global economies. An emphasis will be placed on high-level reading and writing assignments as well as document/resource question analysis. It necessitates critical thinking skills through class participation in discussion and group activities. By analyzing economic markets, models, systems, and terms students will begin to understand the economic way of thinking. Additionally, students will study business and investment, the role of the government in the economy, and performance indicators used to evaluate the health of the economy.


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