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Intermediate Orchestra

Auditions with the Instructor are required.

This class is for the student who wishes to continue to play a Stringed instrument in an orchestra ensemble (violin, viola, cello, and string bass). Students will be required to obtain their own instrument.  You may contact the music department director for more information for an instrument. This is a year-long class. Students must know how to read music, play music and perform music with at least 2 years instruction. Private lessons outside of the school are highly encouraged. This is a performance-based curriculum. Grading is based on playing your instrument, keeping current on assignments and daily practice schedule outside of class. Time outside the normal school day will be required if performances are out of the school schedule. A limited number of public performances serve as a culmination of daily rehearsal and musical goals set forth by the teacher. Students are required to participate in performances outside the school day that support and extend learning in the classroom. Students will be responsible for an assigned school performance uniform and must see to its upkeep. Attendance at all performances and rehearsals outside of the normal class day is a requirement. Grades are performance-based.


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