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Introduction to Fashion & Textiles

Class limit: 15 students

Introduction to Fashion & Textiles is an introductory course for those students interested in academic enrichment or a career in the fashion, textile, and apparel industry.  This course addresses knowledge and skills related to design, production, acquisition, and distribution in the fashion, textile, and apparel arena.  The course includes the study of personal, academic, and career success; careers in the fashion, textile, and apparel industry; factors influencing the merchandising and selection of fashion, textile, and apparel goods and their properties, design, and production; and consumer skills.  A project-based approach integrates instruction and laboratory experiences including the application of the elements and principles of design; selection, production, alteration, repair, and maintenance of apparel and textile products; product research, development, and testing; and application of technical tools and equipment utilized in the industry. Visual arts concepts will be addressed. There will be a supply list for the semester for materials that students will need to buy for the class. Materials will total between $30-$50.


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