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Introduction to Housing and Interior Design

Introduction to Housing and Interior Design is an introductory course essential for those students interested in academic enrichment or a career within the housing, interior design, or furnishings industry. This course addresses the selection and planning of designed spaces to meet the needs, wants, values and lifestyles of individuals, families, clients, and communities. Housing decisions, resources, and options will be explored including factors affecting housing choices and the types of housing available. Developmental influences on housing and interior environments will also be considered. Basic historical architectural styling and basic furniture styles will be explored as well as basic identification of the elements and principles of design. Design and space planning involves evaluating floor plans and reading construction documents while learning to create safe, functional, and aesthetic spaces. Presentation techniques will be practiced to thoroughly communicate design ideas. Visual arts concepts will be addressed. A project-based approach will be utilized requiring higher-order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes as housing and interior design content is integrated into the design of interior spaces while meeting specific project criteria.


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