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Living a Life of Faith & Service

Cardinal Ritter High School is, at its very core, a ministry of the Catholic Church, and the administrators and staff embrace the opportunity to assist parents as the first teachers of the faith for their children. All of our faculty and coaches accept the challenge of modeling and witnessing the Catholic Faith for our students.

The campus ministry student leaders, together with the Campus Minister and Chaplain, foster students’ participation in the dynamic spiritual life of the Church through retreats, ongoing prayer, and liturgical worship, including mass and the sacrament of confession. Our goal is to help them in developing personal relationships with God through Jesus Christ.

The theology faculty, using a robust academic curriculum from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, help students in their intellectual formation, so that they may come to know and understand the doctrines of the Church revealed by God through Sacred Scripture & Sacred Tradition. 

To help students develop a life-long commitment to service, using their talents and abilities for the good of their neighbors, our student service leaders, and faculty service coordinator design and facilitate a variety of service opportunities. Service at Cardinal Ritter allows students to identify and serve Christ in the poor and vulnerable and to imitate Him who “came not to be served, but to serve.” 

As a school that serves the parishes of the West Deanery of Indianapolis, we reinforce our students’ sense of belonging to a parish community and encourage them to be actively engaged in the life of their parish.


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