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Guidance Office

The Guidance Office is responsible for standardized testing, scheduling, registration, and report cards. Guidance is also responsible for transcripts, student records, work permits, scholarship information, college deadlines, and teacher tutoring times. Guidance Office personnel plan Senior and Junior Conferences, one-on-one meetings with each student about college preparedness. The Guidance Office also coordinates award ceremonies, career planning, and some college visits.

Junior High
(2027 & 2028)
Joanne LettichA-FA-IA-B
Rockina PattersonG-RJ-OA-OC-L
Iona WagnerS-ZP-ZP-ZM-ZALL

Senior Conferences
Senior Conferences begin in September, as soon as the school year is in full swing. Counselors and students discuss college applications, scholarship opportunities, financial aid, and each student’s diploma progress.

The Guidance Office also publishes monthly bulletins that compile all the important information seniors need to know. 

Junior Conferences
Junior Conferences begin in October, typically following Senior Conferences. Counselors and students discuss college entrance tests, college visits, diploma progress, and general preparedness.

Parchment is the platform used to easily submit transcripts to colleges during the application process.

Contact Guidance

Carrie Hutt, Registrar, 317.924.4333 ext. 420
Joanne Lettich, Director of Guidance, 317.924.4333 ext. 423


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