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Hearing and Vision Screenings

On March 11th & 12th, the Marion County Health Department will be at Cardinal Ritter to conduct hearing & vision screenings. These screenings are required by the State of Indiana as specified in Indiana Code 20-34-3-12 and IC 20-34-3-14. Parents who wish their child to be excluded from the screenings must submit a written request (attached form)  to the school nurse by March 11, 2020. For questions regarding this mandatory requirement, contact Pam Feltz RN school nurse. Students that fail the screening will be sent a letter.  

Hearing screenings: 7th and 10th grades
Vision: 8th grade (Please wear your glasses or contacts that day)
Transfer students: will have both  

Decline Hearing Test (English)
Decline Hearing Test (Spanish)

Decline Vision Test (English)
Decline Vision Test (Spanish)


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