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Service Learning Requirements for Students

The Service Learning program at Cardinal Ritter High School is an extension of Christ himself. In serving others we participate in the sacrificial nature of our faith, and we hope to relieve the burdens of our brothers and sisters. Through service, prayer, and reflection we reorient ourselves to the truth, beauty, and goodness of Christ, our redeemer.

Service Learning Goal
Serve those represented in the Corporal Works of Mercy
Serve our families, parishes, and deanery schools
Serve our friends and communities that we work closely with
Reflect on Sacred Scripture in light of the work we have completed
Reflect on the personhood of Christ, he is our model of sacrifice and service
Encourage and model a prayer life with all those we encounter

Service Hour Requirement / Service Credit (*What is a service credit)
7th & 8th: 5 hrs. a semester = 10 hrs. total
Freshman: 8 hrs. a semester = 16 hrs. total
Sophomores: 10 hrs. a semester = 20 hrs. total
Juniors: 11 hrs. a semester = 22 hrs. total
Seniors: 12 hrs. a semester = 24 hrs. total

Forms of Service
Parish: This is any service completed at a parish or for a parish. This includes helping out with any programs where we are serving our partner schools/parishes. Opportunities include:
Helping with Religious Education
Helping in the school
Serving at a parish event
Serving in one of the parish’s social outreach ministries
Serving in the parish liturgy

Family: This is any service and help to your family in our time of social distancing. Your family needs you during this difficult time! These are opportunities to show love and give charitably with the realities of social distancing. “Service starts in the home”, as they say, so use these suggestions to serve within your own family. Parents can sign off on these hours. Here are some ideas of how you might serve your family.
Cook and serve meals for your family
Clean up and do the dishes after dinner
General cleaning and disinfecting in your home
Do any sort of yard work without pay
Any home project for your parents
Babysit younger siblings
Writing letters to family members that live far away
Calling/face-timing any sick or infirm relatives that are unable to have visitors due to their condition
Cook a meal and bring to your neighbors
Help your siblings with their assignments

Community Service: This is any service done in the community at large without pay. Community events include, but are not limited to:
Preparing meals for a soup kitchen
Cleaning a park
Assisting at a food pantry
Collection: Social Services agencies such as Catholic Charities and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are in desperate need of food and supplies during this difficult time. Cardinal Ritter High School will host collection drives to support those in need. One hour of Christian Service will be given for each drive that a student contributes to. Some drives may include:
Canned food
School supplies


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